Engineering Design - Plans and Specifications
Water Treatment Plants, Sewer Treatment Plants, Water Wells, Elevated Tanks, Ground Storage Tanks, Pressure Tanks, Pumping Stations, Lift Stations, Booster Stations & Water Transmission & Distribution Lines
SCADA, System Automation,
Instrumentation & Controls Design
Streets & Sidewalks
Trails & Parks System Mapping
Wall Maps & Field Tech Maps System Operations & Maintenance
Operations Management Consultation, Planning & Trouble-shooting
System Testing Coordination Litigation & Dispute Representation
Expert Representation for Court Litigation
TCEQ, PUC & SOAH Consultation & Hearing Representation Drinking Water and Other Utility Regulations
Advocacy on Regulatory Matters
Association Training Policy Issues
Rate Order, Ordinance, Bylaws & Tariff
Consultation & Development
Policy Application & Enforcement Land Development Management
Subdivision Policies & Procedures
Developer Agreements
Project Management  Technical Writing and Publications
O & M Manuals
Monitoring Plans
Drought Contingency Plans
Water Conservation Plans
Vulnerability Assessments Planning
Long-Range Plans
Capital Improvement Plans
Comprehensive Plans
Future Land Use Planning
Thoroughfare Planning
Trail Planning
Hydraulic Analysis Utility Development
SUD Conversions
WSC Creation Construction Management
Project Management
Project Inspections Regulatory Processes
CCN & PWS Applications
Sale/Transfer/Merger Applications
Discharge Permits
Regulatory Waivers & Appeals Loan/Grant Applications
USDA Rural Development
Texas Water Development Board
Texas Department of Agriculture
Bond Issues